Bad Mood Vs Future

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My mood today was really bad. The lousy car in the centre, make me so annoyed about it. What the hell! Don’t know what kind of car is that. The car bully me, the stupid XX also bully me. Keeping on scold me. That is not my fault what! All of this is because of the lousy car. Hate it so much! Haiz, I have my car exam on next Tuesday, don’t know I can pass it or not. Perhaps that I will pass it. I’m going to Malacca on June, a bit excited for my daily life there. I will have lots of freedom there. I will as free as a bird in the sky. Like it lots. No more disturb from brother and sister, no more nagging from mom.

Just back from part time work. Today is my first time ‘attend’ a wedding, not as a guest, but as a worker there. This is an easy job, but very tiring and boring. Just to serve one table only. The thing that I get interest is the couple who getting marry today. Every one have their own love story, the couple today will have their own story too. When talk about story, I still remember that I attended a talk before that talk about life is like a movie. Every one is the director of their own life. You can choose to act the movie that you like. There are comedies movie, black and white, action and tragedy movies. If you are the director of your life, which movie will you act? Of course, for me I will choose to act a comedies movie. Lets talk about the bride today. The bride is not very pretty, just ok only. But her partner, really handsome but a bit short la. Hehe. These say that, the percentage of marriage between handsome guys and pretty girls is low. Nowadays, you can see those couple one of them handsome, another just ok only. Or in another way. When I see the couple that marries today, I started to think of my future partner. The one who will accompany me till end of my life will be who? It is really a question mark. I’ll know the answer few years later when I meet my prince. Now, I have to study hard for my future, my dreams, and my career. My dream is to have my own coffee shop. Now I need to earn enough money to have my own shop. Gambateh!!

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