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Emm.. Today, i’m very happy.. I think i’ve been cheer up by a song.. Still remember we use to sing this song in our fellowship.. I like this song very much.. Thanks Esther to be the guitarist today, and made me recall the moment when i was in O2 station last time.. Well, O2 station is our fellowship name.. hehe.. This song really do give me power.. This song really cheer up my day.. I really miss the time that be with you all.. Miss the time we sing together, we praise together and we do learn together.. I wanna thanks my Father which did not give up me when i was not in the way that you want me to be.. I know that we less of communicate.. Well, I promise that i will remember to have a ”talk” with you every day.. Thanks you to hold me tight and guide me back to my road.. I hope can go back to my home sweet home early.. Miss u all a lot, especially my dear, nini, and of course my family~~ Hope can c u all soon.. I will be back soon.. Waiting for me ooO.. hehe.. MuackssSs…

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