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Almost one and the half months i din go back my hometown.. Really miss every one there.. Dunno how their life going.. Hope that you all in good condition.. Recently my fren ask me 1 question.. She asked, if she pass away 1 day, will i be sad?? I answer her that, of course i will be sad.. Cause you are my fren, and also a sister to me.. I feel that she face some problem.. Emm.. Hope that she can be happy.. Take care ya.. If you need some one to talk about, I will always be at your side..

I’m really boring these few days.. My life now is full of study.. Study study and study.. Final coming soon, no choice.. Need to put more effort on my study.. Every day got to made choice.. Wanna think what to eat for lunch and dinner, and where to take it.. Haizz.. Really dislike this.. Some more these two days is public holidays, many restaurant din open.. Shit la.. We really have limited choice dy.. The restaurant some more close on public holidays.. Now the one who suffer is consumer.. Aikss.. Sad la.. Actually today we plan to go mmu corner eat, but unluckily it’s raining.. So, we go to XX to take the dinner.. Haiz.. Duwan mention about it le.. The food is… Haha.. I think you all know la.. Miss my mom cook d food leh.. Really long long time din eat le.. Alway eat outside.. Start to feel bored with those food dy.. This is just 1st sem in mmu leh.. I still got many days and years to go.. Haha.. Can’t imagine the life later on~~ Hehe..

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