Up To The Moon – New Game on Friendster

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Take to the skies and fly, fly, fly!

Up To The Moon is the newest addition to the line-up of Mordskerl Games now on Friendster. If you’ve played Acrabbits and Kick It, then you’re sure to enjoy this too! Your mission from the Ministry of Spaceflight is to build your rocket and fly it as close to the moon as you can. Strap on your seat belts, put on your space suits, and unleash your inner astronaut!

Up To The Moon on Friendster

Starting off with just the basics, your rocket on Up To The Moon will be made of scrap pieces from the backyard. Now this just won’t do it if you want to make it to the moon, right? Keep practicing rocket flight and you’ll earn enough coins to upgrade your spaceship!

Playing the game is easy using the directional arrows on your keyboard. It takes practice though to catch the items in the air that will help you towards your goal. These may be extra fuel, extra 500 coins, or even an extra shield to protect you from certain floating objects in the sky that may hinder your flight! Be careful not to hit the hot air balloons, unidentified flying objects, and space satellites as well; these automatically stop your flight and you’ll end up right at the beginning.

Up To The Moon on Friendster

Once you’ve earned enough coins, it becomes easier to fly longer distances since you can purchase upgrades for your space ship. Improve your rocket’s engine, maneuverability, shield, and fuel tanks! Items get much more expensive the better they get though, so be sure to budget your coins so you don’t end up with nothing. Sometimes the Ministry of Spaceflight will reward you with more coins for being a good fella, other times it may fine you too. So keep an eye out!

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