New Arcade Games on Friendster from TreSensa

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Hey everyone, check out these new arcade games on Friendster from cross-platform game development and distribution company TreSensa. The Friendster team is always on the lookout for more games for you to try out, so we hope you like these new ones! Read on to find out more about these games: Vector Runner Remix, Happy Tree Friends – Strandead, and Cupcakes vs. Veggies! Plus, don’t forget to check the High Scores board afterwards, you just might find yourself in one of the top spots! Now who’s up for some friendly game challenges?


New Arcade Games on Friendster:
Vector Runner Remix

Vector Runner Remix on Friendster

Get ready for some addictive side-scrolling racing! Go the distance by jumping over gaps, avoiding obstacles, and collecting those score-boosting power cubes along the way. The game starts off easy but gets fast-paced as you move along, so don’t be fooled. Imagine Tron-like lights set in the future: put on your helmets and gloves and get ready to race! Game achievements and high scores are posted so have fun beating your friends’ scores! Play Vector Runner Remix now!


New Arcade Games on Friendster:
Happy Tree Friends – Strandead

Happy Tree Friends Strandead on Friendster

What could be cuter (or more gruesome) than Happy Tree Friends? This time, the team is stranded on an island and your task is to help Giggles get off it. The catch is you need to use a slingshot to do so! Shark-infested waters and life-threatening buoys make the task doubly hard, so be sure not to hit them or your eyes and guts will spill out in typical gory and bloody Happy Tree Friends style. It’s 3000 feet to the next island, which is quite a challenge; aim right and use the boosts right to get there! Play Strandead now!


New Arcade Games on Friendster:
Cupcakes vs. Veggies…

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