Friendster Show Your Heart Contest – Grand Draw

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Friendster Show Your Heart entries have been filling up our computer screens this past month, and we’ve definitely felt the love! Thanks to all our friends who joined the contest that started early last January. We enjoyed going through everyone’s submissions, and we hope you had the chance as well to look at what some of our friends submitted.

Want to read more about the contest? Check out our initial Friendster Show Your Heart Contest post for complete details.

Three raffle draws have come and gone, and we’d like to congratulate the three winners: Sandman66, Ryzer, and Qingy. Hope you are all enjoying your new iPad Minis! With over a hundred entries for our grand draw, we’re very excited to find out who gets to bring home a brand new iPhone 5! Scroll down just a bit more to find out who’s the lucky Friendster user!

Friendster Show Your Heart Contest

Congratulations to Nunung Anung for bagging the Friendster Show Your Heart Contest grand prize! We hope you find the iPhone 5 very useful for bringing Friendster with you on the go! Check out his profile and don’t forget to add him up as a friend. Share moments and keep on living the game!

We also had several special prizes to give out: Heartthrob Award goes to Kasia and Rafael Paduran, Most Creative Heart Award goes to Ellie Jane, Most Loved (photo with most comments) goes to Everyone Loves CJ, and the Funniest Photo Award is given to Clutch. Congratulations to all of you as well!

This day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re single, part of a relationship, just broke up, happily married, or any of the other statuses; we just hope you treasure every moment of the day. Seize the moment! May your days be filled with love!

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