New on Friendster: Challenge A Friend Feature

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Unleash your competitive side with the new Challenge A Friend and Game High Scores features on Friendster. Get your friends in on the game, and find out who earns bragging rights as game leaders!

The improved Game High Scores feature works two ways: the system tracks the best game scores from among all players or from among your friends. Can you place in the game’s top ten? Or can you beat your own score? Only one way to find out: play!

We take things up a notch with the new Challenge A Friend feature. Want to find out how? Read on!

Friendster Challenge A Friend - High Scores

Game challenges are refreshed every twenty-four hours, so check back daily to find out who among your friends are up for it. You will not be able to challenge users that are not in your friends list though.

If a particular game is your favorite, why not learn from the best? Simply click on the leaders’ names and add them up as friends too. Game challenges are exciting, but for now there is a one challenge per friend per game limit, so make your game plays count!

Check out some of the games below that already have the High Scores and Challenge A Friend feature. Are you ready for the challenge? Play one, play all!

1. Strandead

2. Up To The Moon

3. Vector Runner Remix

Head over to Friendster to explore the other games available. There’s a lot to choose from, so we guarantee hours’ worth of good play time! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well for updates on other new features.…

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