DivoSaga FX Exclusive Server: Only in Friendster!

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This RPG+RTS hybrid game, the first ever in a web browser, promises hours of intense game play. From daily activities, missions, single- and multi-player expeditions, PVP and boss battles, the list just goes on.

When we launched DivoSaga the first time around (read more about that here) it was an absolute blast. Even within the Friendster team, most of us were hooked! Because of the overwhelming response from players, we’ve decided along with game publisher MyCNX, that it was time to amp things up just a bit more. We’re excited to introduce the brand new DivoSaga FX, exclusive only to Friendster!

It’s bigger. It’s better. It’s just for you. It’s only on Friendster!

DivoSaga FX on Friendster

DivoSaga FX Features

 What’s in store for you in the new DivoSaga FX Pluto server? Check it out:

More Affordable Pricing – use your Friendster Coins to top-up easily. You already get more jewels for your Friendster Coins here to begin with, and with larger top-ups, the price goes even lower. Get savings of up to 20% from the original cost!

Exclusive Server Items – we’ll be releasing exclusive in- game items from time to time. These may be in the form of weapons, gems, runes, scrolls, or other items. These items won’t be found in the other game versions, so grab the opportunity to get them!

Dedicated Game Master – get access to exclusive in-game events, promo updates, and customer support. Our dedicated game master will make sure your play goes as smoothly as possible. Game concerns and issues, we’ve got it covered.

Server exclusivity – forget about congested gaming grounds. The DivoSaga FX game is open to select countries only. Optimal server functionality for seamless game play.

Sounds good? Head over to Friendster and start now!  Play Now!

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