DivoSaga FX – Full Screen Mode On!

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DivoSaga FX Lords, we’ve been getting numerous requests for a full screen game mode. Now it’s here! Take advantage of your screen’s real estate and enjoy the game without the additional ads, banners, and menus. Here’s how to activate your game in full screen mode:

Simply click on the Full Screen Mode button on the upper left portion of your screen. It should be right beside your character, and on top of your level indicator.

DivoSaga FX Full Screen

Please note that you would need to update / install your Adobe Flash Player to version 11.3 or above. Here’s a quick link to the download: Adobe Flash Player Support Center

To return from the full screen mode, simply hit Esc on your keyboard. If you’re having problems with the full screen version, just send us an email at help@friendster.com

Enjoy hours of uninterrupted game time and immerse yourself in the DivoSaga FX realm! Ready to go on full screen mode? Head over to Friendster and play DivoSaga FX now!…

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