wHiLe My LifE sTilL Go oN~~

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my life~~

Almost one and the half months i din go back my hometown.. Really miss every one there.. Dunno how their life going.. Hope that you all in good condition.. Recently my fren ask me 1 question.. She asked, if she pass away 1 day, will i be sad?? I answer her that, of course i will be sad.. Cause you are my fren, and also a sister to me.. I feel that she face some problem.. Emm.. Hope that she can be happy.. Take care ya.. If you need some one to talk about, I will always be at your side..

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Emm.. Today, i’m very happy.. I think i’ve been cheer up by a song.. Still remember we use to sing this song in our fellowship.. I like this song very much.. Thanks Esther to be the guitarist today, and made me recall the moment when i was in O2 station last time.. Well, O2 station is our fellowship name.. hehe.. This song really do give me power.. This song really cheer up my day.. I really miss the time that be with you all.. Miss the time we sing together, we praise together and we do learn together.. I wanna thanks my Father which did not give up me when i was not in the way that you want me to be.. I know that we less of communicate.. Well, I promise that i will remember to have a ”talk” with you every day.. Thanks you to hold me tight and guide me back to my road.. I hope can go back to my home sweet home early.. Miss u all a lot, especially my dear, nini, and of course my family~~ Hope can c u all soon.. I will be back soon.. Waiting for me ooO.. hehe.. MuackssSs…

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I’m back!!

Hi frens, long time din update my blog dy..
By right, i’m having my mid term break now..
Now i’m at my house.. Smile
After the break, still got 3 more exam paper to go..
But, i’m happy that i’m now at my home..
{Home Sweet Home}
But the most happy thing is can eat those delicious food that my mum cook.. hehe^^
Em.. Bout my new campus life..
I have been to MMU for almost 2 months, i like malacca.. haha..

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5-6-2008 晴天















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Bad Mood Vs Future

My mood today was really bad. The lousy car in the centre, make me so annoyed about it. What the hell! Don’t know what kind of car is that. The car bully me, the stupid XX also bully me. Keeping on scold me. That is not my fault what! All of this is because of the lousy car. Hate it so much!

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Since my last post til now, such a long time i din write blog dy.. hehe^^ Time passes so fast, now i’m in form5 now.. goin to graduate soon.. a bit exicted that, i won’t be to wear the skol uniform soon, but i’m stil finding a road that lead me to my future.. Thinking bout what course that i goin to take.. Really many thing that need me to decide.. So, wish all my frens can do the wise choice oso.. Don’t take the wrong road.. My trial exam is coming, stil have bout 1 month time to prepare 4 it.. Wish that i can pass it v flying colours..

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tmr stil hav bio & add math paper..

dunno what result i’ll get..

wakaka.. can’t watch tv alway lo..

my mom scold~~

exam exam exam!!

good luck~~

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I wish, I wish, I wish..

my exam stil 2 more weeks to go.. it’s really tired..

i don’t like this.. i wish can finish it faster..

i wish i can graduate my secondary skol faster..

i wish i can travel all around the world..

i wish….

wish all my dear frenzZz do well in their exam..

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happy chinese new year

haha.. chinese new year is coming lo.. so happy.. wish all my frens enjoy their cny ya.. take k o..

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Study hard…

Final exam fin ad lo.. Next year form 5 ad lo.. So fast.. Got to study hard lo.. Gambateh to all my fren.. Wish ur dream wil come true.. Lets us study hard 4 out dream.. Finally, just to wish u all got good result in final.. Gambateh.. Go go go!!!

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