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New Blog

I tend to close this blog....
Seeing that there are many pictures and entries here...
i will just stop using this blog....
my new blog

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Nothing special happened on yesteday
so, i m lazy to write about it
then, lets talk about today morning
perhimpunan on friday
unusual, something special on today
today got pelantikan pengawas baru
and also pelantikan ALP 2008/2009
my name again.....penolong bendahari
i knew it days before
but i cant really accept it
it is juz so unbelievable and i tough job for me
a lazy person
teacher called my name
walk to the front of the stage
face to teacher
then teacher "bla...bla...bla...."
Form 3 got 4 ppl became ALP or AJK
olivia - penolong setiausaha

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Taare Zameen Par - Every Child Is Special

Keep doing homework in the class.
Mathematics, EW 20....
all done in Moral periods...
persatuan bahasa cina
we played game at bawah dewan
holding our hand together
do not let others to snatch ur members away....
after struggle for an hour..
my hands are in pain....
no more energy...
right hand almost cannot take books....
then we nvr go the unit beruniform
becoz of the kh project....
change again..
like sj folio
done edy then nid to change again
luckily no nid to copy again
becoz teacher nvr let us to use correction tape....

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busy busy

these days, pn selvi is rushing the syllybles(is this correct?)....she said she must finish the bi textbok before the end of July, thats y she is rushing like rocket...these causes our homework getting more and more...yesterday, doing the bi exercises, so nvr use computer.....hardworking right?!?!today, haven done homework then online lor....1 day no internet can almost kill me....not so serious lah.....

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Today is my father's birthday...Happy Birthday, Dad!!!
We din really celebrate much... that day on father's day...we use much money no more money...mum decided to treat us dinner outside at bakawali.... no presents for that....juz a "happy Birthday"..sorry more money......

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Yesterday and today....

27 June

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Photo Album: Pey San jie jie wedding photo

Pey San jie jie wedding photo

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Photo Album: Me and my friends

Me and my friends



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Badminton Practice...

Actually, today nid to stay until 3.15pm one...for the badminton practice(2.15pm-3.15pm)..However, i was told today...i din bring PJ clothes and also the racket.. furthermore, i m so lazy to stay...later no one accompany me to walk down to the bus stop....then i hav to go back at 6.45pm...........
Huei Yee said they wrote about the badminton practice at the white board yesterday...i think i missed i don noe...but not only me....olivia oso dun noe...haha!!!!

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